Águeda Ortega Minutti

Águeda Ortega Minutti


  • Degree in Law/Iberoamerican University.
  • Master's Degree in International Business/Iberoamerican University.


  • Spanish
  • English


  • Associate at Chávez Vargas Minutti Abogados, S.C
  • Head of Law Teaching Theory and Research Assistant at the Iberoamerican University.
  • Lawyer at Sales Boyoli, S.C.
  • Lawyer and Intern at Mateos, Montero, Marthos y Cortés, S.C.
  • Intern at Tacher Profitt & Wood.


Águeda has participated in the legal constitution and planning of different companies, has completed corporate and employment audits and has advised on contractual and corporate strategy matters.

She holds a Master's Degree in International Law and has been the Head of Teaching Theory at the Iberoamerican University for 14 years.

She is currently participating in corporate audits and in the corporate maintenance and update of different companies through the preparation of stockholders' and board of directors' meeting minutes, as well as in public bids and advice on International and Contractual Law.