CHÁVEZ VARGAS MINUTTI ABOGADOS, S.C., better known as CHÁVEZ VARGAS MINUTTI ABOGADOS, domiciled at Bosque de Radiatas No. 44, Of. 303, Col. Bosques de las Lomas, Cuajimalpa de Morelos, C.P. 05120, in Mexico City, and web page, is responsible for the use of your personal data in accordance with the Federal Personal Data Protection Law (the “Law”) and its Regulations (the “Regulations”). On granting your consent for your personal data to be processed in accordance with the stipulations set forth in this Privacy Notice (the "Privacy Notice"), you shall be understood to have reviewed, read and accepted the terms of this Privacy Notice.

  • 1. Personal Data Collected.

    In order to fulfill the purposes described in this Privacy Notice, we shall use the following personal data (the "Personal Data"): name, marital status, nationality, age, date and place of birth, domicile, private telephone number, e-mail address, billing information, education and/or professional profile. The Personal Data Collected shall be stored with all the administrative, technical and physical security measures necessary in order to guarantee its privacy and confidentiality. The Personal Data Collected shall be protected against damage, loss, alteration, or destruction, misuse, as well as unauthorized access or processing.

  • 2. Purpose of the Use of Personal Data.

    You consent and authorize that the Personal Data you provide may be transferred to related companies, subsidiaries, providers other parties with which there is a legal relationship, solely for the purpose of complying with the objectives described in the Privacy Notice. We also guarantee that the transfers made will at all times comply with the provisions set forth in Article 36 of the Law and Article 38 of the Regulations.

  • 3. Transfer of Personal Data.

    The Personal Data that we collect from you will be used for the following purposes for the service requested from Chávez Vargas Minutti Abogados: conducting legal consultations, preparing legal, marketing or advertising documents, commercial prospecting and rendering the general professional services entrusted to us.

  • 4. Revocation of consent, limitation or use or disclosure of the Personal Data Collected and the exercise of the access, rectification, cancellation or opposition (“ARCO”) rights.

    You are entitled to know which of your Personal Data we hold, why we use it and the conditions of use we give to it (Access). You are also entitled to request the correction of your personal information should it become outdated, inaccurate or incomplete (Rectification), that we eliminate it from our records or databases when you consider that it is not being used correctly (Cancellation), as well as opposing the use of your personal data for specific purposes (Opposition), limit its use or disclose or revoke the consent granted to us for the processing of said data. These rights are known as the ("ARCO”) rights. You may revoke your consent that, as applicable, you have granted to us to process your personal data or the personal data of minors or disabled persons of whom, you as parent, guardian or legal representative, have provided to us, you may request that this be canceled. However, it is important to consider that we will not be able to process your request or conclude the use immediately in all cases because it is possible that we may be required to continue processing your personal data due to a legal obligation. You must also consider that, for certain purposes, the revocation of your consent may imply that we may not be able to continue to render the service you requested from us or even the conclusion of your relationship with us.

  • 5. Procedure to Exercise the ARCO Rights.

    In order to exercise any of the ARCO Rights, you must file the respective request via e-mail: for the attention of Carlos César Cárdenas Sánchez.

    The letter must be signed by the holder of the Personal Data, contain a clear and accurate description of the personal data on which any of the ARCO Rights is sought to be exercised and which type of ARCO Right is to exercised, a current identification with a photograph of the holder or, if applicable, of its legal representative, as well as the document that confirms your legal capacity (notarial proxy), domicile or email address to notify you of the reply and a contact telephone number. In the case of Rectification, you must indicate the modifications to be made and provide the documentation that supports your request.

    Los datos de contacto de la persona o departamento de datos personales, que está a cargo deThe contact information of the Personal Data Person or Department who is responsible for processing ARCO Rights requests, is the following:

    1. Name of the Personal Data Person or Department: Carlos César Cárdenas Sánchez
    2. Domicile: Bosque de Radiatas No. 44, piso 3, oficina 303, Col. Bosques de las Lomas, Ciudad de México, C.P. 05120.
    3. Times: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 14:00 hours and from 15:00 To 19:00 hours.
    4. E-mail:
    5. Telephone number: (55)1327-0309
    6. Chávez Vargas Minutti Abogados will reply to your request within the following 20 business days.
    7. Once your consent has been canceled, how would you like your personal data to be delivered to you? Deliveries will be free of charge via the e-mail address you have provided for said purpose; however, if you require that the information be delivered to you through another channel, you must pay the justified delivery charges and/or the reproduction costs of copies or all other formats that are generated.
    8. Procedure to report changes of the Privacy Notice.

All changes made to this Privacy will be published on webpage: